Maintaining Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are a gift to the world from Persia, Turkey, India, and China. They are recognized for exquisite patterns and colors, being made from high-quality materials.

They don’t just cover your floor – they are pieces of art.

The antique ones are especially regarded as valuable collectibles.

Importance of cleanliness

It’s important to keep these rugs clean if you have to maintain their value. Dirt, stains, and soiling can completely lower the appeal these pieces hold.

You might even notice some fiber damage over time because of grime. The abrasion and premature wear and tear reduce the rug’s lifespan.

Odors from spill, pets, and smoke can all affect the condition and appearance of the rug. This is challenging to eliminate.

Collectors and buyers prefer rugs that are well maintained. And cleanliness is a big factor that they consider when evaluating its market price.

Professional cleaning services

To get the best appearance and lifespan, you need a professional clean to restore your oriental rug.

If not done correctly, cleaning methods can cause more harm instead of the intended results.

Some professional companies offer pick-up and delivery services, but that can add to the total cost.

Residents in Savannah, GA, and surrounding areas can benefit from Crystal Clear Carpet Cleaning’s services.

Our team is trained to clean various fabrics properly. We make sure the rug’s natural fibers aren’t damaged. We also help you save money by providing on-site cleaning without compromising the final results.

Contact us for cleaning services.

For such a big investment as an oriental rug, it’s no surprise that its maintenance is necessary.

It makes sense to preserve its value. With regular maintenance and professional cleaning, these beautiful pieces of art will be a cherished part of your home for many years to come.

To know more about this or to schedule a cleaning appointment, visit Crystal Clear Carpet Cleaning

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