Website Design for Law Firms by JustLegal Marketing

JustLegal Marketing gives you unique perspectives so your legal website represents what your firm and its services to the clients stands for.

Since they’re owned and run by attorneys, they know what they’re talking about.

We explain their thorough process for designing and developing compelling website designs for attorneys.

Days 1-10 – Initial Discovery and Planning

  • The first 5 days go into learning and studying the firm’s brand, goals, target audience, etc.
  • This is a strategic step in project planning.
  • Next 5 days the project’s structure and timeline are outlined. All aspects are confirmed to be well-organized and clear from the start.

Days 11-55 – Creative Design and Development

  • Here they brainstorm design concepts that suit the firm’s brand and preferences.
  • Feedback is used to refine concepts and come up with a final development design.
  • This stage will involve coding the website and adding features and content relevant (lawyer profiles, practice area descriptions, etc.).
  • Regular reviews are conducted to make adjustments as needed before the site goes live.

Days 56-60 – Launch and Continuous Optimization

  • Once the site is launched, the focus rests on support and optimization.
  • Issues are addressed for better user experience and site performance.
  • The website is thoroughly tested to make sure there are no glitches in functioning and the needs of the firm aren’t compromised in any way.


This step-by-step approach handles every aspect of the website design for law firms and the development process competently.

JustLegal Marketing does a fine job going through the entire process starting with understanding the needs of the firm to successfully launching the site.

They maintain a professional theme throughout and leave no room for inconvenience to your potential clients.

Following this structured timeline, they guarantee a smooth and efficient website creation process – and your law firm gets the powerful online presence required.

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