How Do Robotic Arms Help in University Labs

University labs heavily rely on robotic arms for research and development. This is true for various disciplines.

These are tools that have helped in groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in fields like robotics, engineering, computer science and more.

Collaborative robots or cobots provide basic help in conducting experiments, testing hypothesis and exploring new possibilities.

Robotics and automation research

Robotics research labs need robotic arms for testing and developing new algorithms, controlling systems, and motion planning techniques.

Researchers push the boundaries of robotic capabilities through experiments with different configurations, sensors and factors, end-effectors, etc.

A very basic area of this research involves cobots, where these arms are designed to work safely alongside humans in the same environment.

Engineering and manufacturing applications

These arms are priceless in engineering labs for assembly, material, handling and quality inspection.

Researchers constantly develop and test new techniques in robotic manufacturing focusing on force control and path planning. It’s through such advancement that position and safety are improved in industrial settings.

The development of new end-effectors and grippers allow proper handling of different sizes, shapes and materials helping the electronic, automotive and aerospace industries.

Biomedical and assistive robotics

Cobots play a huge role in research areas like surgical robotics, prosthetics, and rehabilitation.

In these biomedical engineering labs, researchers create and test new robotic systems for more accuracy and dexterity. This helps control during minimally invasive procedures.

They also study human-robot interactions to come up with more technologies that can improve the lives of those with disabilities.

Education and training

Educational institutions find automated arms are very valuable for hands-on learning. This is true for robotics, mechatronics, and automation.

Here, students gain practical skills in kinematics, control systems, and robot programming – working directly with these manipulators.

This approach prepares them for future careers in technology and engineering.

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